the murmuration of stars ∇

Musical accompaniment: Sleeper by Eluvium (Album: Nightmare Ending), 2013.

Window ajar
A dark night
Of goosebump visions
Eluvium flows
As the stream collects in rivulets
A solitary lark, eyes against expanses
Feet in the waters
and a lone lamplight
as gravity shores and granite pores
open to the cold glass of green
things are asleep
things are awake
the darkness is filled with an unknown light
a nameless blue, royal velvet blanket
silence transmogrifies
the lark’s eye closes
and half a hemisphere away
eluvium flows
goosebump visions
a dark night
and a window closes.

/ ∇ /



Notes: Image sourced from 2sweet4words Designs’ society6 product page.
Poem was formerly titled ” 22/4/16 “


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