PublicServiceAnnouncement #150997

The wind reeks.

<(Radio crackle) Is this on? Good.>

_This is PublicServiceAnnouncement #150997. Please pay attention to the following_

Sir, reports report a small accident in the lower half of this area,
There were zero diagnosed as clinically dead and zero diagnosed as having sustained external physical injuries,
There were no guns on the scene and no blood spreading across the floor in seemingly perfect circles,

The way they do in on television, Channels 103 and 419.∇

There’s an unsettling feeling that nobody seems to notice, as though their smiles are held in place by blood-stained signatures

<Who is that? Control, somebody’s on the channel.>

The police reached the scene very quickly, and had to clear out the television crews camped there.
By then the situation had been exacerbatedhowever the damage being unseen, we have counted this out as anything remotely suspicious to the general public.
Finding no visual proof of an accident, police were compelled to bring out cheap plastic chairs from the local cafeteria and park out there.

We are informed that the site is under strict observation.

Smoke curls menacingly from the ashtray
Poised as it is between two planetary orbs of choleric pestilence
Also known colloquially as policemen
The site has been blockaded, and no press or aerial media is allowed near the place

Except for the very best- somebody sends us a list!

<Control, please declare a breach and fix this issue.>

The gates to the area have been closed
The dogs have been muted with rotting bones stripped from a cadaver that
 for all governmental purposes
Does not exist

Because the site is clean. This is just routine work.

There is no visual evidence of injury or death
Nothing to worry about
The area is only under strict observation for the benefit of the local
and if possible, international

<Control, where are the guards? (Radio crackle)>

See? We are good people.
We care about you.
Your feelings are our only priority.
All this talk of of us losing touch is a myth, Sir. We exist for your whims,

And we live to serve and protect you, your loved things, your investments and your loved ones.

Therefore, this site is clean.

And the starched bones and chemical oxides tearing into the flesh of the ground and our broken leather shoes do not exist
The nuclear winter of this area is a myth perpetrated by crazy conspiracy theorists
The black haze settling over town is a myth
The increasing need for gas masks is a myth

Despite unconfirmed reports, those planetary orbs did not fall out of orbit;
They are still parked at the site.

For your convenience and security, Sir. <Guards, please take away the Italicised.>

Do not worry, Sir.
You sit tight.
This site is strictly under observation.
By a choleric pestilence known colloquially as policemen

<Guards. Immediately. (Radio crackle)>

There is no danger to you,

Your earnings,

Your mortgage and your debt,

Your property,

Your family,
Dreams, hopes, ambitions, plans.

They’re mocking you.

<Where are the Guards?>

We will let you know if there is any change in the official situation.

Meanwhile, we would ask you to fill in a survey

Which is very important for the people.
Have a good night,


And you’re letting them.


_End of PublicServiceAnnouncement #150997_


<Control, who was watching the Guards?>






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