dreaming something wonderful

was invented by those
who live briefly
as a burst of laughter”

– Excerpt from “The Sea and The Man” by Anna Swir

the sound
between my waking and your skin
was a smile.

as sunlight.

an ache.

the sound
between your waking and my open eyes
was a rushing light,

a burst bulb.

Our last morning,
I felt a familiar ache;
the rush of dreaming
something wonderful.

Your smile was warm,
too warm
to touch, and
it laughed so loud I thought
the neighbors would wake,

that a heart somewhere might burst.


I’ve been listening for the sounds
of heartbeats and glass
to find you.

I hold the light against my skin
and feel your warmth.
the sound between two pulses

burns into a familiar fever,
and my heart begins to ache



Note: Image sourced from Alena Aenami’s Artstation portfolio.

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