cell 7

[stories/Stories {from/of (Prison/heaven)}]




flame-flecked eleven
eats through seven.
blood etched teeth, smile, sparkle.
courtyard cannibalism.
diaper change,
sea change, sex change
room change.
curved, pixels, depixelated
unity. flesh
numbers alphabetically
arraigned. wet sock. winter stocks
supplied, kerosene mouthwash,
new whipping boy, eleven’s empty hinges.
lack of disarray, inconvenience store,
model petrol planes.

wet lip, paper, sunset.
wind, snow, snip, bite.
dry lip, paper, sunrise.
dead eyes. thin pipe.
all night, all night.

brown stains
puppy shit river, carpet skin
stench. Chinese word for death.
gunmetal granite underpass concertina.
drive-by uniform meat w/
refrigerator arms, shaved, undead eyes,
plywood fire extinguisher prayer bells
prayer belts,
head lac
sea change
face lac
diaper for
diaper soil.
‹[{(sex for money) for drugs} for escape] from hate› for . ∞
running from the dead to die
for the bread. kerosene dip.
(Hier) Gott ist verletzt. ashes to
sweat, oil, divine lick, bovine shit.
brown slick seven
shadow, woman, heaven,
prison bar elevens.
prison bar elevens.
Same room. Sea change. cell 7, ce11 7
Spoil the rods, free the child.

“colorless green ideas sleep furiously”.

Surrender. Rage. Shantih.

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