“Pansies! Rosemary! Violence! My wedding bouquet!”

Edward Albee, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

one gossamer white veil
six getaway soda cans
one theatrical shotgun
two cinematic armies /
fourteen black veils
twenty-one pigeons tiny tight hearts wound shot
up disjointed industrial piping one campfire tire
two sleeping bags / sex fill rise breathe scream
three sleeping bags one soldier
two sleeping bags
cinematic drums two cities
one town fade
a rub of burnt orange
eyes old dust old wood old light one smile
unholing plumbing one
white plastic tape one Sunday
man one noonday vest one spanner spined sweat / a lone
sparrow tittering ‘tween two walls
no light no eyes no gleam trapped wings spread butter
marmalade one
puffed cheeks milk countertop toes finally tip the warm floor the lonely sun’s cinematic sword shimmering slice
after slice under slice over slice
a late noonday theatrical
vest sweat spanner necked to a v father
held Alice she cried and cries will cry her tears
raise campfire sparks fade
one soldier
many soldiers unmarching tent unbloodying
a woman smiling one silver ring shining the sun slatting
three sleeping bags
two sleeping bags
cans unrattling
no cinematic armies
a whole multiverse wavering finally
bright her mother loves her holds her / hid her
finally where the war ended finally
where the church crumbled finally
where black was white finally
she stopped to take one breath in the long march
of selves.

Note: Image taken from Samantha Dion Baker’s Leaf Series.

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