in lilt of my reprise

I’ll ask for forgiveness, for
harvest, for grace,
my body conundrums
to alien shapes / my body
victoriously haunts forth a race,
my body unfeathers and
drips in its place

and I’ll ask for her scepter, an animal
red fingertip inking my monument
pile / a tongue like a life
that’s been here awhile
I’ve been here awhile, I’ve loved
and I’ve lied

as I asked for a mouth for a ghost for
a friend
for a chance to remember
to shove, shovel, mend / all hands wrung in anger
into bruises to tend
and my eyes cymbal now without end
with no end

I forgive I fortell I am king I was placed
when I young asked for blood
when my Mama stan grace
and I answered me back in an alien race
where I knifed through my ghost
now I dry in its place.


Note: Image sourced from the profile of Andrew Thomas Huang and edited.

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