welcome to the artxqc.

this is both the beginning and the end, the silence and the screaming.
catharsis and emptiness are the architecture of this revealing,
imagination and reason are leopards at war.

it is safe
to assume nothing,
break, dissolve and build everything
from the icicles on the edifice.

view not my world from amongst its moorings, and I shall strive to achieve the same.

while you’re here, do not skim through the silences or wade through the words. let them crash down on you like waterfalls, so that when you’re putting your self back together, you find something you never knew existed. let the visions flow through and past you.

drown, breathe.
that is the purpose of the artxqc.


revel in the cracks, dance amongst the driftwood.
something will surface from your ghosting frame.

–  arnaav